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Sunrise Safari Abu Dhabi

Sunrise is a beautiful sight and Sunrise in a desert is a rare and magical sight for those who are from countries with no desert. Sign up for Off Road Adventure Tour’s Sunrise Safari to the desert where you can witness a magnificent sunrise beyond perfection.  When the horizon is clear in all direction presenting you with glowing sun, clouds and shedding mellow rays of sunlight on the desert pushing the darkness away is a sight to behold.

Wake up early in the Morning and ride with us to the middle of the desert to witness the sunrise.

This Sunrise Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Adventure Tour offers you the opportunity to seat and relax on the carpet as long as you want while enjoying the enchanting view of the sunrise and serenity of the surrounding.

After watching the magical sunrise, Sunrise Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour will take you to Off Road Adventure tour’s campsite, a perfect place to refresh yourself. At the camp, sip a cup of Arabic Coffee and have some finest dates. On completion, you can enjoy a short camel ride before heading back to the city.

Sunrise is free and the desert is public. Yet the sunrise and the desert along can’t make the view of the sunrise magical as you need to know the best spot to capture the best view as well.

With our expert Marshalls at Off Road Adventure Tours, we’ll drive you to our secret spot to capture the best sight of the morning sunrise. Once in a while, it’s good to have some peaceful time for yourself doing nothing but enjoying the nature as these small things bring you happiness and satisfaction money can’t buy you. Let us take you to the best sunrise watching spot in Abu Dhabi desert with our Abu Dhabi desert safari adventure tour.

Features of the tour include:

Private Land Cruiser

Camel Riding

Coffee & Dates

Duration:   3 hours

Timing    : Depends on sunrise timing

Note :       *This tour is dependent on weather

                    *Daily / Min.1- Max.6 /LC

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Person  Price
Min.1-Max6/Land Cruiser 900.00 AED
Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

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